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Stop the scroll. It’s a content creator’s ultimate goal. You can have an excellent message but without a strong design to accompany it, you risk losing your audiences and not communicating your messages effectively.

Humans can process and absorb an image in just 13 milliseconds — 60,000 times faster than text. So, consider breaking down those complex processes into infographics or short videos. When you can incorporate visual ways to deliver your message, comprehension and retention go up! ​

According to Broadband Search, the average user spends roughly two hours per day on social media, all while being inundated with content through other channels from friends, family and brands. With so many ads and organic posts flooding people’s newsfeeds, the competition is tough. People are on information-overload, but they’ll comprehend your message if it’s simple and relevant to them.

As communications professionals, stopping the scroll doesn’t just apply to social media – it applies to all communication forms including presentations, webinars, newsletters, email, etc. As you outline and build your messages, it’s imperative to incorporate design to break through the clutter and make your messages stick. As creators, we are faced with the growing struggle to keep up with rapidly evolving trends. These five design trends have presented themselves as the strongest tools to help navigate your message and stop the scroll.

1. Bold Colors

Colors have an extraordinary ability to affect a person’s mood and even cause different emotions. Surprise your audience with a fresh pop of color. Bold, vibrant, upbeat colors that create jovial atmospheres are a rollin’ this year. These dreamland colors reflected in the digital realm of our screens transport a person into an alternate universe.


2. Animated Graphics

Wiggle with it, literally. Animations are a huge trend across the board, from animated logos to small interactions and movie snippets. They make an idea easier to comprehend and add power to an illustration. With 1.3 million pieces of content shared on Facebook every minute and over 500 million tweets sent per day, animations are memorable, and a strong animation will grab the attention you’re looking for.

Festival Metro Metro by Bzoing
Hey Dribbble! by Composite Co
Smile = Hello by Alexander Noelke
Custom Wordmark by Jordan Jenkins

3. Minimalism – Approach & Design

Minimalism in design uses only the essentials, with limited color palettes and simple shapes that when combined create a strong identity. In social media marketing, less is often more. A minimalist social media approach forces the content to the surface, making your message shine. With extra elements removed and a consistent approach, you have an opportunity to grab your audience’s attention.

4. Information Design

As a data driven, people powered agency, we love good data with a purpose. Information design is a creative way to present data in a bite sized form. From websites to infographics and even Swedish furniture, manual informational design is here to stay. For instance, when you replace an image with large bold type, it can make a huge difference in both web and graphic design.

5. Neumorphism

It’s something you noticed but didn’t know it had a name. Neumorphism contains elements from each of these trends and is serving you, your work and your messaging. Speaking for the UI folks out there, neumorphism is currently becoming a huge trend as well. We are moving away from flat design and working much more in shadows and angles. Keep these elements in mind when you present your own work. Let’s make flat design a concept of the past!

These trends can help up your social media game and stop the scroll. They can also be applied to all forms of communications. Visual graphics are an integral part of any communications plan and the designer’s contribution to the success of a marketing strategy is undeniable. When creating content continue to apply marketing goals and your company’s story when creating any visuals but never stop experimenting!

Does your organization need design help? Our team is experienced and ready to assist in every aspect.

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Ashley DuPuy Mancuso is a Senior Designer at Franco. Connect with her on LinkedIn