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The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the only thing that’s certain is changes and challenges will continue. Since so many changes are happening on a daily basis, it begs the question: are you prepared for your company’s next crisis?

  • Do you have a crisis communications team in place? Have you appointed primary and back-up team members, including a chief strategist, spokesperson and media liaison?
  • Do you have a rapid response protocol? Have you identified a command center?
  • Do your front-line communicators know how to handle unexpected media calls/visits?
  • Do you maintain a contact list to ensure key stakeholders hear news from you before they see it online?
  • What precautions is your organization taking in the face of COVID-19 or other crisis scenarios?

We’ve outlined best practices and created a template to help with crisis planning in the third edition of our playbook.

Download the Playbook

COVID-19 Communications Strategies for the Next Phase of the Global Pandemic

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