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We’ve spent 55 amazing years in Detroit creating compelling stories for our clients. Four years ago, we launched the “Detroit Inspires Me” campaign (otherwise known as DIM) as an extension of our dedication to storytelling. The goal of this campaign was to not only help tell our clients’ stories, but to also share stories related to the city of Detroit.

Since the beginning of the campaign, we’ve connected with prominent Detroit figures to have them share their answer to one simple question: Why does Detroit inspire you?

People Powered

Let’s start with the people. The Detroit community is on the rise, and we couldn’t be more excited to be in the heart of it all. DIM guests have consistently mentioned that the people of Detroit inspire them with their tenacity, fighting spirit and hard work. See what Governor Whitmer had to say at the 2019 Detroit Metro Youth Day event:

Not only does the Detroit community inspire our governor, but it inspires Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones, as well. She is thankful for our people, the local departments who volunteer their time and how the community is consistently changing.

Continuous Improvement

We all know what Detroit has been through over the years, but there’s one thing that people can’t stop talking about – the city’s dedication to continuous improvement.

Looking back at where Detroit was a decade ago compared to where it is now is what inspires WJR Sports Director Steve Courtney. He says there’s a lot of belief in the city of Detroit, as well as the state of Michigan, that it’ll get to where it needs to be.

“Inspiration is a two-way street.”

Improving our businesses and instilling inspiration in one another is a large motivator for Detroit icon Ed Deeb. Through the creation of new associations and programs like Detroit Metro Youth Day, Ed believes we can inspire the next generation of Detroiters to do the most good.

We’re looking forward to what the future will bring us as we continue to share the stories of those who call Detroit home.

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