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Detroit Inspires Me

After a rousing TEDxDetroit brainstorm, our team took TEDx’s basic question, “If you had the world’s attention for a few minutes, what would you share?” and answered it. We unanimously decided that we wanted to share our passion, the places and ideas that got us excited to come to work in the morning. What inspires us? DETROIT.

As a PR, Marketing, and Social Media agency that’s played a role in the city’s story since 1964, we have a lot to say about Detroit. Now more than ever people are taking notice of the positive changes in Detroit and that inspires us. There is a bubbling sense of possibility in the voices and ideas of the people, the art, the non-profit community, the businesses stepping up to impact lives for the better, those moving here. We love witnessing the regeneration of the hearts and spirit of the people here, to see the excitement on the face of someone who hasn’t been downtown in years; the pride we feel hearing their delighted compliments.

Our staff all have a different outlook on Detroit, some have worked in the city for years and have seen it rise and fall, others are excited to start their careers working at the most iconic building in the city and to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Every day at Franco we’re working in this city and finding more stories of innovation, creativity and determination that inspire us. “Detroit Inspires Me” is our way to share what makes us proud to be Detroiters.

Throughout the year, in keeping with the spirit of TEDxDetroit, we’ll be sharing stories of what inspires those Detroiters as a showcase for “positive ideas for the world from Detroit.” We love this city and “Detroit Inspires Me” is our message to the world about Detroit.

Tell us, what about Detroit inspires you?


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  • thank you for posting this article as I found it valuable – I agree with you in regards to others in Detroit for once feeling proud to represent the City and what it stands for.

  • Nice article! I’m not even from Detroit but I visit a lot and it’s inspired me to look into opening an office downtown! I love how all the major sports teams are getting inspired to move into the city too!

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