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Capturing video can be a powerful tool to share your client’s message. Although not every young witch has the ingredients to create a seamless video. We have created the right recipe to capture the perfect potion for you. Here are five scary good tips on how to shoot a video on your phone.


No camera? No problem!

Camera’s and lenses can be spooky expensive; if you don’t have a video camera or a DSLR camera, you can use your cell phone. Cell phone footage has come a long way from cobwebs and coffins, and with the right framing and good lighting, you can take great videos. Remember to hold your phone horizontal to capture all the ghosts and goblins.

Clear Those Cobwebs

To carve out great footage on your cell phone, you can set the focus and exposure of your shots. Tap on the zombie or object that you want your camera to focus on, this will also adjust the exposure so that the image is not too bright or dark. You can lock these settings by holding your finger on the screen until you see contracting rectangles by your finger and tap again to unlock.

Lighting is Everything

Make sure that the mummy or object that you are shooting is facing a light source. Light sources however, do not need to be traditional lamps or tombstone lights, they can be anything. Jack-o-lanterns, full moon or even your cell phone flashlight can be light sources! Be creative and think ‘out of the grave’ in every situation.

Setting the Scene

Be mindful of the different types of framing you can use, and the emotion behind it. A very wide angle (or establishing shot) lets the viewer know exactly where you are and what spooky setting you are in. For emotional or intimate settings, a close up or even an extreme close up can really be powerful. If you are looking to capture something creepy, or haunting, use a tilted frame or something unnatural and unpleasing.

Screaming Perfection

Treat your viewers by using motion in your footage, it gives your video a professional look. You can get this in several different ways like walking away from the zombies, but you want to make sure the camera remains steady, and not shaky! A cool trick for this is setting your camera on a towel or mummy wrap, and slowly dragging it, giving your footage a sliding motion.

In case you can’t tell, we love Halloween. Keep your eye on our social channels for a video from our upcoming Halloween celebration.

Interested in learning how Franco goes above and beyond the basics of video creation? Have a video project that needs some direction or advice? Contact us and let’s work together.

Nate Adkins is a video production specialist at Franco. Contact Nate at [email protected].

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