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Throughout Franco’s 60 years, our employees have helped advance our agency and shape our culture. Whether they’ve moved onto new ventures or retired, we enjoy keeping in touch with our alumni network and celebrating the work they’re currently doing in their community.  

Our latest alumni spotlight is Pat Adanti-Joy, whose time at Franco left a legacy at our agency and in the metro Detroit community. Pat dedicated eight years to Franco, starting as an account manager in 2012 and ending her tenure as a vice president. Today, Pat is enjoying her retirement and serves as a volunteer for local nonprofits throughout metro Detroit. 

Volunteering has always been a significant part of Pat’s life. Her passion led her to serve on various nonprofit accounts at Franco, like The Salvation Army, NorthStar Care Community, Belle Isle Conservancy and SCORE SE Michigan.  Discover Pat’s Franco story and learn how overseeing nonprofit accounts fueled her commitment to volunteering in her retirement. 

What about your experience at Franco makes you more effective in your current role?
I’m enjoying applying my cumulative experiences to help promote and raise funds for the not-for-profits I currently support.  

What did you enjoy most about working at Franco?
I really enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside and help develop the agency’s younger professionals. I worked with some great people over the years. I enjoyed the mentoring and friendship I received from Dan Ponder. He was a steady, compassionate and ethical driver of Franco’s evolution over the years, and I consider it a highlight to have worked with him. I enjoyed leading, along with Lori Cook, various staff events like holiday potlucks, Christmas ornament celebrations, cookie exchanges and wedding/baby showers. I enjoyed (as the highest-ranking staff on-site on a given day) approving end-of-day “wine time” for everyone. Always fun!  

What do you feel makes Franco stand out from other agencies?
Everyone at Franco is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional work. The leadership team is always striving to create a nurturing environment geared toward encouraging and enhancing each employee’s unique strengths.  

Describe your biggest learning moment while working at Franco.
While I had many years of experience coming into Franco, I developed a real understanding and passion for the benefits, opportunities and challenges facing nonprofit organizations and how best to apply integrated communications to help them further their missions.  

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