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Roses are red,

violets are blue.

Public relations,

it’s what we do.

“A sense of belonging is what I felt when I started working with Franco. The people here are extremely hardworking, helpful and take pride in their work. It is definitely a family that works together, grows together and eat a lot together!”

Neekita Singla, senior digital account executive

“Work comes and goes, but the people are always the most important part about any organization – and Franco’s commitment to hiring ‘culture fits’ really shows. I’m able to work with some extremely talented and experienced people who can pour into me – and I’m able to pour into them back!”

Geoff Geist, digital account executive

“What I love most about Franco is honestly my team! Being able to work with a creative, hardworking group of people has allowed me to collaborate and produce work I’m proud of.”

Lexi Trimpe, senior digital account executive

“I enjoy working at Franco for a number of reasons. First off, everyone is very knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the best work for their clients. There is impeccable teamwork all-around, and everyone is always willing to help each other out for the greater good. Secondly, working in the heart of Detroit at the GMRENCEN is incredible; you get to be smack in the center of a city that’s experiencing a renaissance unlike any other. And lastly, the Franco office is a great atmosphere! Great views of the city, numerous places to move around and finish your work, and let’s not forget… BAGEL TUESDAYS!”

Jeff Sell, senior account executive

“I love Franco because of the comradery we have; everyone supports one another. Together, we’re dedicated to excellence.”

Megan Bonelli, senior account executive

“I love working at Franco because it feels like home. I started my career here and two years later I have grown into a better professional, coworker and friend. Also, snacks…because who doesn’t love a fully stocked kitchen all the time? Thanks Lori!”

Rachel Burnard, account executive

“Our Franco team is the best in the industry. Every person here is hardworking and committed. We offer the best blend of work life and personal life, and balance is so important.”

Tina Sullivan, executive vice president and chief operating officer

“Although it’s only my third week, the Franco team has welcomed me kindly with open arms. Franco’s team is the most supportive, helpful and well-rounded group of people I’ve ever worked with.”

Maddie Barnes, assistant account executive

“I love all the opportunities Franco offers. I started here as an account executive seven years ago and have grown tremendously thanks to the culture; I’ve really enjoyed watching the agency grow and being a part of that.”

Ann Marie Fortunate, account manager

“I love working at Franco because of our awesome team. Everyone here is always supportive and willing to share the workload when things get busy. And when the work is done, we have a lot of fun together too, whether it’s riding a pedal pub around town or heading over to Campus Martius for an outdoor team lunch.”

Dan Horn, account manager

It’s hard to narrow down the reasons why I enjoy working for Franco. The energy, the people, the good work created. The list goes on and on. Everyone here believes in their work, believes in Franco and wants the best for our clients.”

Lauren Connor, account supervisor

“I enjoy working at Franco because Franco is its own community. I like being a part of a team where you don’t just work together, you challenge and support each other. Though I haven’t been here long, I know Franco is a place that will allow me to learn and grow.”

Tracy Wolf, assistant account executive

“Although I have only worked here a short time, Franco has taken me in with open arms. The team here is collaborative, supportive and always encouraging you to try something new to expand your skills.”

Samantha Meyer, assistant account executive

We are grateful to work in an environment filled with friendly industry experts that make our culture great. What do you love about your workplace?

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