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In this episode of frankly…

Rachel and Dan chat with Nikki Little, Senior Vice President at Franco.

Nikki started her communications career with Franco immediately after graduating college. After a little over 3 years, she moved into a social media-specific role at another metro Detroit agency for almost 8 years, and then spent 2 years at a financial education startup as the company’s first director of communications. Nikki returned to Franco in 2019, now serving as Senior Vice President and an agency shareholder.

Hear Nikki dive into lessons learned on her career journey, why she embraces social media as a business communications tool, the value of building a professional network and the power of relationships – whether that’s with clients, peers or media.

And, in Tales from the Beat, Ed Garsten shares a lesson on embargoes – when to use them and how they can be useful for both communicators and reporters.

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