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Work from home has been the norm for several months now, and many teams (including ours at Franco) have had to find ways to keep their culture intact while working virtually. Working from home brings a new set of obstacles to overcome – distractions, lack of personal connections and more.

While we’re working remote, our Franco family relies heavily on our core values – forward motion, opportunity, family + team + community, courageous truth, empathy and persistence. We believe these core values are the building blocks of a strong team. In this post, I’m going to focus on persistence.

What is persistence?

At Franco, we define persistence as: “Tenacity to get the outcomes we expect, that meet or exceed our standards.” This definition is extremely relevant right now and demonstrates that no matter the situation, the work you’re doing for your team and client is important. In many cases, we’ve had to get creative to get results for our clients (opening a new store or launching a new product during a pandemic requires a totally different strategy!). It’s part of our brand DNA to provide meaningful, data driven results, and our persistence core value is what drives us to achieve those results.

What does persistence mean to you?

Everyone has their own definition of persistence, and it will vary depending on who you speak to. For me, it’s a motivator. It’s a reminder to myself that I am capable of great things and exceptional work, and my Franco family is there to support me. When I’m tasked with an assignment that may seem overwhelming, I go back to Franco’s core values and remember that not only am I persistent, but we as an agency are committed to high standards and real results.

Why should my workplace have core values?

Core values differ across companies, but when a workplace has some form of a core value system, it shows the team that the company values them. When I first started at Franco, the core values were one of the first things I learned. It was made very clear to me that performing to our highest ability, creating a welcoming community and reinforcing team strength is a mutual commitment between Franco and the team.

Why is persistence important for my professional career?

When you demonstrate persistence, it results in growth, which is crucial in all aspects of life. Maintaining persistence forces you out of your comfort zone and to take on new challenges. When you are persistent in your career, you’ll find yourself taking on new assignments and showing your colleagues what you can achieve.

How do I implement persistence?

It’s always good to start small – write down goals, assignments and notes on what you’ve accomplished to stay driven. It’s also key to have organizational accountability surrounding persistence, because while personal persistence is important, so is team persistence. At Franco, I am surrounded by supportive and persistent team members, giving us the best results for our clients.

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