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An average day in an agency is extremely high-pace, exciting and rewarding – but what’s it like outside the office?

For many members of Franco’s team, leaving the office offers another chance to further learn and develop professionally, while having fun in the process.

The City of Detroit offers professionals so many opportunities to stay informed on industry trends, enhance their networks and develop leadership skills through a wide variety of professional organizations.

Besides networking with other professionals in the city, these organizations offer endless opportunities to enhance personal and professional development.

With so many different opportunities and chapters in Detroit, we asked the Franco team to share their experiences in joining professional organizations:

Detroit Chapter of Public Relations Society of America

PRSA Detroit offers professionals a chance to network with others in the public relations field to make individuals smarter, better prepared and more connected through all stages of their career.

“Being the Chair of the Detroit PRSA blog committee was so fulfilling. I love writing blog posts, and having the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and share from other member bloggers is invaluable. Be sure to check it out. I was also recently elected to the chapter’s board so I’m looking forward to making a difference in this role as well.” – Megan Bonelli, Senior Account Executive

“PRSA has provided me with an invaluable network for every stage of my career. It’s important to give back which is why I’ve led the programming committee for almost a decade. Being a board member has opened my eyes to how awesome our Detroit industry is. If you are thinking about getting involved, you won’t regret it.” – Elizabeth Robbins-Sabourin, Account Director

“I have gained so much over the years as a member of the Public Relations Society of America’s Detroit Chapter – both professionally and personally. Having joined right out of college, I have benefited from the relationships I formed back then and as the years continued while supporting PRSA’s Accreditation program. The PR community here in Detroit is very helpful and through my involvement with PRSA, I always have someone I can reach out to for help or another perspective.” – Pat Adanti-Joy, Vice President

International Association of Business Communicators Detroit

IABC Detroit connects professionals to resources and knowledge to advance communication careers. This group exists in more than 80 countries, with 15,500 professionals worldwide. Detroit’s chapter has over 200 local communicators.

“The experience gained through my involvement with IABC has been immeasurable. I developed my leadership skills while being on the IABC Detroit board of directors – especially during my presidency leading the chapter in 2016-2017. IABC allowed me to build a solid network of communications professionals who I could ask for advice or meet over a cocktail after a long day of work. I love my IABC Detroit family!” – Andrea Kenski, Account Supervisor

Automotive Press Association

The Automotive Press Association has been around since 1990, and offers a forum for public relations professionals, automotive journalists and others working in the field to network and exchange industry information and trends.

“APA gives me a great opportunity to meet media who cover the automotive industry and better understand the trends that are driving the industry forward.” – Dan Horn, Account Supervisor

Detroit Economic Club

The DEC has been around since 1934 and offers Detroit professionals with the opportunity to debate business, government and social issues. DEC also offers The Young Leader Program, which strives to inspire, connect and educate young professionals working in Detroit.

“I belong to a number of professional organizations to hone my leadership skills and my network. The Detroit Economic Club brings in business leaders from around the country to speak about local and national issues. You never know who you’ll be seated beside. It’s always a great opportunity to network with other leaders, as well as gain deeper insight into business, political and social issues.” – Tina Kozak, President

“The Young Leaders program through DEC provides great opportunities to meet and hear from some of our area’s top executives and business leaders, and insights on how to develop my skills and further my career through professional development workshops.” – Dan Horn, Account Supervisor

American Marketing Association

AMA Detroit is a great resource for all things marketing in Metro Detroit. Professionals can exchange and share knowledge with one another on everything marketing from technology to social media, direct marketing, advertising, public relations and more.

“I enjoy attending AMA meetings because before working at Franco, I wasn’t exposed to traditional marketing strategies or tactics – my degree is in public relations. AMA Detroit has been a great resource to expand my knowledge on the industry and meet other professionals. I’m a big supporter of continuous learning and professional development, and this organization provides great opportunities for both.” – Dana Blankenship, Account Executive

Detroit Regional Chamber’s Leadership Detroit XXXVI

Leadership Detroit offers professionals opportunities to gain awareness of key issues that affect the Detroit region. The collaboration of individuals in these groups initiates positive change in the Detroit community through keeping leaders and professionals informed.

“Leadership Detroit provided me the opportunity to network with other influential leaders in Detroit that I may not have otherwise met. – Tina Benvenuti Sullivan, Senior Vice President

Inforum Michigan

Inforum is a professional organization that combines professional development groups, strategic connections and forums for exchanging ideas to accelerate careers for women. By engaging members in their areas of expertise, Inforum advances work for women and boosts talent initiatives for companies.

“Because of their extensive programming and events it’s a good place to learn about other industries, make connections, and get to know other professional women.” – Rene Cizio, Account Manager

Detroit Young Professionals

DYP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of the next generation of Metro-Detroit leaders and enriches Metro-Detroit professionals by cultivating an environment that attracts and retains young professionals and entrepreneurs as well as empowering young professionals to succeed and provide resources for them to develop and make a positive impact in the region.

“Detroit Young Professionals hosted a free open house at Founders Tap Room in Detroit for potential members featuring free food, drinks, raffle tickets for various prizes and many other Detroit-based young professionals and entrepreneurs. The networking event was a great opportunity to meet other young workers in the city and grow my professional network, including striking up a conversation with a gentleman who specialized in projection engineering. This discussion led to learning more information about his field of work and sharing info on Franco’s scope of service, creating another connection for our network. Events like these are a great experience and help grow your professional network. The location was definitely a bonus, too!” – Randy Pilon, Account Executive