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As the wind ripples the Detroit River outside our windows and the leaves turn on the Riverwalk, the Franco team prepares for one of their favorite fall pastimes – the annual pumpkin carving competition.

Since this is my first Franco Halloween, I wanted to see just how fierce the competition is – so I dusted off the archive hard drive and did a little digging.

I found lots of Detroit-inspired pumpkins.

Eastern Market

Joe Louis Fist

Uniroyal TireWhich makes sense considering Franco is the oldest PR firm in the D.

Pumpkins that brought me back to my childhood.



Masterpieces that may be more relevant today, than they were when they were created.

Donald Trump

Pumpkins celebrating Franco clients.

TSA Kick-Off

Famous pumpkins.

Stephen Colbert

50 Cent

Martha Stewart

Learned that we have some serious Tom Hanks fans in the office.

Forrest Gump

Cast Away

Pumpkins fit for a princess.




Hunting Pumpkin

And even a Dan Ponder pumpkin.

Dan PonderBecause what better way to honor the CEO of Franco than by carving his face into an orange gourd?


Lesson learned – I better bring my A game.

Help me! Share some trophy-worthy pumpkin carving ideas in the comments (please)!

Alex Fulbright is a digital marketing specialist at Franco Public Relations Group. You can reach her at 313-567-5085 or [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter: @AlexandriaFul and connect on LinkedIn.

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