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Let’s be frank.

The term “family” is used pretty often by modern-day companies. Everyone talks about their organization as “one big family” and “when one person succeeds, we all succeed.”

That’s the standard. It’s expected. It’s what everyone wants to be. But not every company is truly a family.Now, let’s be Franc. (Get it?)

Our agency is structured around communication – which is no surprise, given our specialties. But at the heart of what we do isn’t just communication – it’s creating connections. And that’s where the Franco difference shows. The connections we make internally (family) flow outward to that of our clients (team) and to the greater metro Detroit area (community).

A family atmosphere doesn’t happen by accident. It’s created intentionally and deliberately.

It’s the reason why our team gets together off-site to create relationships that go beyond simply being coworkers.

It’s the reason why we have robust continued learning and professional development programs to help us stay on top of our game and adapt ourselves to the constantly-changing media landscape.

It’s the reason why we celebrate together when one member of our team has a major life milestone.

And it’s also why so much media and marketing talent in Detroit comes through our doors. From a challenging internship program to appearances by key players in local media, Franco continues to maintain great relationships with talented people throughout southeast Michigan.

Family + Team + Community

From the first day, our goal is to develop connections with every member of our team – and not just in the “working relationship” sense. From informal conversations to Buddy Lunches to regular meetings, it’s nearly impossible to operate in a silo at Franco. We bring people in who have something to add to our culture – and we then find ways to showcase those qualities.

When we’re able to showcase our best qualities, it benefits our clients. Their success is our success. At Franco, our clients aren’t just business partners – they become an extension of our agency.

So when you see us traveling the country and putting on award-winning campaigns for our clients, understand that this didn’t just “happen” – it’s the product of years of intentional development of a family atmosphere that enables us to do our best work.

Oh, and this family culture we’ve fostered isn’t only used to connect with Detroit’s business community, or just with our team. It’s also about our city and community. We’re so inspired by the city of Detroit and getting involved in our community is an important way we foster that connection. From cleaning up neighborhoods with Life Remodeled to mentoring young industry newcomers to sponsoring local events, we don’t just talk about the great things that are going on in Detroit…we make them happen.To learn more about working with Franco (as an employee or potential client), contact us.

Franco’s core value of Family + Team + Community starts from the core of our agency and extends to everything we do – and it’s what sets us apart.

Need to learn more? Contact us today!

Geoff Geist is a digital account executive at Franco. You can reach him at [email protected].