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Franco’s own Joe Ferlito, dressed as Marshall Molar, stands near the SEAL Indiana Mobile Dental Coach in Indianapolis.

Earlier this month, Ann Marie Fortunate blogged about the unpredictable days of PR. Her blog made me think – I’ve done some unusual things for my clients and I know other Franconians have too. I surveyed our staff and compiled some pretty entertaining stories that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. My “series of unusual PR experiences” will reflect on the unique opportunities we’ve had working for our clients. They involve scaffolding, clowns, burlap and mascots (no, not at one time).

I’ll kick it off with my most unusual PR experience to date.

A few years ago, Delta Dental introduced their Mascot, Marshall Molar. Typically Delta Dental employees play Marshall, but on one occasion, no one was available. You guessed it, I played Delta Dental’s mascot at an event to promote the Indiana University School of Dentistry Mobile Dental Sealant Program. And yes, that’s me in the photo.

It was a surreal experience for me. I remember as a child being mesmerized by mascots at Disney World, but I never imagined seeing kids’ reactions from inside the costume. Some were afraid, others excited, and from my perspective, it seemed they all believed there was such a thing as a giant, walking molar.

What unusual experiences have you had in your career? Share them in our comments section.

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Joe Ferlito is an Account Director and Director of Operations at Franco.

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