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Next year we will celebrate Franco’s 60th year in business – an incredible milestone that I’m looking forward to commemorating with our team, clients, Franco alumni and the greater metro Detroit community.  

I’m extremely proud that we entered 2023 coming off a very successful year in 2022 – including employee growth (new hires and several internal promotions!) and client growth (new clients and growing existing clients). 

We’ve been intentionally focused on building on the growth and success from last year in 2023, so it was fitting to learn that we received a Ragan/PR Daily Top Agencies Award in the Boutique Agency category! 

Closely following that news, in the O’Dwyer’s annual top PR firm rankings, we’re thrilled to be included in the top 100 (moving up several spots from 2022) and ranked within the top 20 firms in the Midwest.  

Additionally, Franco is ranked as the #1 or #2 Michigan firm in 9 categories, including: 

  • Auto/Transportation 
  • Education
  • Energy 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Healthcare 
  • Industrial 
  • Nonprofit 
  • Professional Services 
  • Real Estate, Finance and Development 

As an agency leader who unapologetically thrives on good-natured competition, I love getting these awards and accolades for our work. But when you peel back the layers, these recognitions go much deeper than bragging rights for winning an award or getting ranked high on a PR firms list. For me, this is a true testament to who we are at our core: 

A data-driven, people-powered integrated communications agency that has an unwavering commitment to our team, our clients and our community.  

If we weren’t living and breathing this “why” in how we operate as an agency and talented individuals, we wouldn’t be celebrating growth and success. There would be no awards or top rankings on an O’Dwyer’s annual list. And we certainly wouldn’t be on the verge of entering a 60th year in business.  

So, while I am always intentional about practicing gratitude, I’ll use this opportunity to give a profound and heartfelt thank-you to the Franco team, our clients, our partners and anyone in the community we collaborate with.  

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Tina Kozak is Chief Executive Officer at Franco. Connect with her on LinkedIn.