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Since its debut in the 1800s, Eastern Market has grown into one of Detroit’s most iconic destinations. With fresh food, restaurants, businesses, art and more, the historic shopping district never falls short of interesting things to do, see or taste.

Ed Deeb, who some have referred to as “The Go-To Guy of Detroit, worked for many years to improve Eastern Market and Detroit as a whole. Among a long list of leadership roles and accomplishments, Deeb served as president of the Associated Food Dealers of Greater Detroit, founded Eastern Market Merchants Association and Friends of Eastern Market and co-founded the Eastern Market Corporation. Thanks to his passion and dedication to the city, Detroit has one of the best farmer’s markets in the country.

We took a trip to Eastern Market for a day of exploring and much like Mr. Ed Deeb, we found inspiration.

“Eastern Market will always have a special place in my heart. Tailgating for Lions games, shopping around for good meat and enjoying the artwork keeps me coming back!” -James Youness, assistant account executive

“I love meeting and chatting with the vendors and artists. It’s amazing what you can learn, and it’s always an inspiration!  I also love the smells at Germack. The combination of coffee beans and all those spices can be relaxing, or a jolt of creativity, depending on the day!” -Tina Kozak, president

Joe, Lori, Tina, Rene, Dan and Geoff pose for a picture

“Eastern Market is very unique and challenges a lot of people’s perceptions about what’s in Detroit. That’s why it’s always a must-do when I have visitors to the city – from shopping the local vendors to bloody marys at Vivio’s and karaoke at Bert’s… What’s not to love!” -Jen Spears, account executive

“I grew up going to Eastern Market every Saturday with my mom and grandmother who love all of the fresh produce and flowers. We would have breakfast and shop for a week’s worth of food right in the heart of Detroit. When I was little, I’d find different ‘treasures’ from various booths and to this day, I still love browsing around seeing what gems I can find!” -Adriane Davis, digital marketing specialist

Franco Fun Day 2016

What do you love about Eastern Market? Tell us in the comments!

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