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I may be biased, but when it comes to internships, Franco is one of the best. The team, company culture and clients are all one of a kind. Everyone at Franco is dedicated and committed to creating excellence.

What are the hours of a Franco intern?

A Franco intern is required to work eight hours a day. Interns get a half hour lunch break making their work day around seven and a half hours. Usual hours for interns are from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What are the benefits of interning at Franco?

There are several other benefits in addition to working with a well-rounded team when it comes to working at Franco. The four-month internship is paid with parking included. Franco also reimburses employees for miles, client purchases or parking meters when out on a client excursion.

Snacks are an added benefit too! Every Tuesday, our office celebrates “bagel Tuesday” with delicious bagels and other breakfast assortments. There is also a full kitchen in the office packed with snacks and drinks for your enjoyment.

Plus, the experience is invaluable for learning, professional development and skill refining. Your resume and future career paths will thank you.

What type of work would I be doing?

At Franco, each day is different. As an intern, it is common you will help in all areas where it is needed. All interns will have the opportunity to gain experience in:

  • Media relations (creating and distributing releases, pitches, advisories, etc.)
  • Media monitoring
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Research
  • Event coordination
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Writing (on/for a variety of platforms)
  • Social media content development, reporting and more
  • Teamwork

What kind of clients does Franco work with?

Our team works with the best regional, national and international clients in industries such as automotive, technology, nonprofit, professional services, consumer and health care.

Will I work on one client or a variety?

Interns have the opportunity to work with different B2C, B2B and nonprofit clients. As the office intern, you will also fill in as needed on an array of client work.

Will I be considered “part of the team?”

Of course! All interns are just as important as any full-time employee. Franco devotes time to professional development for all employees, including interns. All interns can participate in culture events such as Media Matters (where members of the media come into the office to share insights), Renaissance Readers (our quarterly book club), Smarty Parties (where we learn about the latest tips and tricks for our industry) and Franco on the Town (think everything from happy hours to  professional networking opportunities).

What’s the dress code?

The dress code here at Franco is what we like to call “Dress for Your Day.” Meaning, it depends on what your schedule, environment, client, location and personal style entails.

One day you might show up to the office in business professional clothing because you have a media segment or are meeting with a client. Another day, you may wear jeans and your Franco Detroit Inspires Me t-shirt and zip up keeping it comfortable around the office. Dress for Your Day is about showing individuality, while still maintaining a professional look.

Who will I work with?

A short answer to this question is everyone. Additionally, all interns have a direct supervisor/mentor who will guide them through the internship program, help prioritize client work and so much more.

Requirements for the position?

  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Basic understanding of traditional and social media
  • Completion of junior year of college
  • At least one previous internship experience
  • A positive attitude and an eagerness to learn

How do I apply for an internship at Franco?

Candidates should submit a resume via our website form. Many Franco interns have been hired on as full-time employees post-internship so it’s an impactful opportunity and I highly recommend it.

  • Winter: January through April – Apply in October
  • Summer: May through August – Apply in February
  • Fall: September through December – Apply in July

Samantha Meyer is a PR coordinator at Franco. You can reach her at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @Samantha_Meyerr.