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It only takes a few months of working in the world of communications to realize there is no such thing as “a typical day.” We strive to do meaningful and impactful work for our clients on a daily basis, but sometimes what our clients need is something we never expected to write on our to-do list.

In this post, we’re reflecting on some of the most unexpected (and sometimes absolutely hilarious!), yet fun and rewarding experiences Franconians have had throughout their careers.

Last Minute Modeling

Account Supervisor Megan Bonelli certainly didn’t wake up one morning expecting to be a model on live TV, but that’s exactly what happened! When a model didn’t show up for a winter fashion segment she coordinated at FOX 2 for  The Mall at Partridge Creek, Megan stepped in at the last minute to show off the latest winter fashions. Megan’s greatest takeaway from her fashion step-in was to not shy away from new experiences and remember it’s fun to try new things. She lives by the idea that it’s our duty to support our clients however they need, even if that means almost toppling over in 6-inch heels!

Walking With Elephants

Working with a huge entertainment company provided the Franco team with their own entertainment! Former client Feld Entertainment brings magic to cities across America by putting on shows including Disney on Ice and (formerly) the Ringling Brothers. When the Ringling Bros. show was coming to The Palace of Auburn Hills, Feld had to bring elephants all the way to Auburn Hills, MI.  The elephants arrived on a train in Auburn Hills and then had to be walked with their handlers from the train station to The Palace. Our VP of Strategy Nikki Little turned the last leg of their journey into a media opportunity and coordinated media to capture the elephants strolling through the streets of Auburn Hills. This was one of the coolest experiences of Nikki’s career. After all, not too many people can say they walked with elephants, let alone walked with elephants throughout a city!

Driving Dick Purtan

Many people may recall listening to Detroit media icon Dick Purtan on the radio, but how many can claim to have driven him around the city? Franco Account Manager Andrea Kenski can! Occasionally after media opportunities volunteering on Salvation Army’s Bed and Bread trucks, Andrea chauffeured Dick back to The Salvation Army Harbor Light location. As a media junkie, Andrea loved hearing Dick’s stories and getting deeper insight into Detroit radio history. Not only would Andrea and Dick trade industry stories on their 15-minute car rides, but Andrea was lucky enough to get some life advice from a true icon.

Hailing Helicopters

No one loves Buddy’s Pizza more than Franconians! Despite her love for client Buddy’s Pizza, Account Executive Joelle Kruczek never expected a helicopter to show up at a restaurant grand opening. It was grand opening day of the company’s Plymouth restaurant, and community members were lining up around the building to receive free pizza for a year. Instead of attending in person, WDIV Channel 4 sent a helicopter to capture the birds-eye-view of everyone waiting for the new restaurant to open. It was Joelle’s first time ever receiving coverage from a helicopter, and the well-thought-out PR strategy earned her some great coverage. Joelle’s biggest takeaway was hard work always pays off, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

Mascot Marshall Molar

After nearly a decade at Franco, Account Director and Director of Operations Joe Ferlito has seen and done a lot of interesting things. One of Joe’s most memorable experiences was dressing up as a giant tooth for Delta Dental. When no Delta Dental employees were available to dress up as the company’s mascot “Marshall Molar,” Joe stepped up and fully embraced the giant tooth costume. Joe will never forget the look on children’s faces who truly believed he was a huge walking molar. (Yup that’s actually Joe in the picture!)

The communications industry is an unpredictable one. You never know what your clients are going to ask you to do, but that’s what makes it fun and keeps us inspired! Interested in building your own unique and rewarding experience? Learn more about working at Franco.

Emily Hebert is assistant to the president at Franco. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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