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Anyone who is familiar with the digital marketing world knows “be human” and “be authentic” used to be viewed as marketing “buzzwords.” Now more than ever, as we’ve spent several weeks in a global crisis, being human and authentic aren’t marketing buzzwords – they’re marketing expectations. Consumers don’t just appreciate genuine and authentic marketing from brands – they expect it.

Franco’s Vice President of Strategy Nikki Little recently participated in an amazing virtual summit hosted by Tell Studios, where all content focused on human-centric digital marketing. During her presentation, Nikki showed examples of brands doing a great job with their marketing efforts during the COVID-19 crisis, including takeaways participants could learn and apply to their own marketing efforts.

Marketing has been extra tricky as of late, with brands wanting to be sensitive to the global crisis, while still faced with the reality of needing to sell their products and services. Over the past several weeks it has become clear that consumers don’t expect brands to stop marketing during a crisis, but they do expect marketing to shift to align with what’s happening in the world.

Watch the video for some great brand examples and takeaways from Nikki (discussion starts at the 5:42 mark). How to watch: select “watch replay” and then provide your email. You’ll receive an email with a link to view the video.