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Whether it be planning a weeks’ worth of health and safety event programming or coordinating outdoor yoga sessions on a garage rooftop, we’re always looking to engage GMRENCEN employees and visitors.

Our client, the GMRENCEN, sees nearly 14,000 tenants and visitors each day, and we always want individuals to experience the building in a positive way. This thinking drove our marketing strategy to showcase and highlight the building as the leading Detroit destination to work, play and dine. Our programming for the building encapsulates everything from health and safety initiatives, live summer entertainment, Detroit vendor markets and more.

Even though these events take place during different seasons of the year, they typically follow a similar format:

  • Completing a competitor analysis
  • Researching possible events, programming and logistics
  • Developing an integrated marketing proposal
  • Developing communication materials including press releases, building signage, flyers, newsletters, building memos and more
  • Creating digital and traditional advertising around each event
  • Coordinating event details, vendors or third parties
  • Executing the marketing proposal and day-of responsibilities
  • Creating and distributing a post-survey for all parties involved to review for next year
  • Discussing the event and marketing tactics with the client

These initiatives represent the GMRENCEN’s effort to be recognized as a fun and dynamic building to work in and visit.

Here’s a summary of programs we’ve implemented or grown since 2015.

Holiday Headquarters

We proposed having Detroit-based entrepreneurs set up booths inside a vacant retail space in the building first in 2015 with 15 vendors setting up for a one-week residency. Now, going into its fourth year, the markets are open for shopping for three weeks in late November and early December with businesses switching in and out every week.

This event showcases the GMRENCEN’s commitment to entrepreneurial spirit, as well as leveraging destination of choice to shop and dine. Who doesn’t love shopping while at work?

On the Plaza

The summer weather means outdoor events! We’re lucky enough to utilize not only the GMRENCEN’s vast indoor spaces for our programming but can take advantage of its unique position on the Detroit Riverfront in the summer, as well. Throughout the summer we host weekly rooftop yoga sessions on top of the Beaubien Rooftop Garage, partner with Eastern Market to bring fresh produce to the GM Plaza and invite local musicians to perform live on the GM Plaza. In 2018 we hosted 26 classes over 23 weeks.

These events are marketed under the ‘workplace of choice’ umbrella, showing tenants we care about their health and wellness, and offer creative ways to reduce stress and mentally ‘take a break’ throughout the busy workday. We’ve taken this event from once a month with a handful of individuals to a cornerstone weekly Detroit yoga event: with upwards of 60 individuals.

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Our Bring Your Child to Work Day programming has grown tremendously within the last two years. This year’s event took place in April; we invited every building employee with children or nieces and nephews to host their loved one for a full day of fun for elementary, middle and high-school aged children.

We coordinated kids’ yoga and “recess” classes with RenCen Fitness, full tours of the GMRENCEN, marigold and tree sapling giveaways, carousel rides at Rivard Plaza, a career fair featuring GMRENCEN building tenants, money-saving workshops with Comerica Bank, outdoor games on the GM Plaza, the law enforcement representatives and vehicles outside of the Jefferson Lobby, activities inside GM World and more.

This programming shows tenants we care about the people they care about most – plus it’s always fun showing your family how you spend your time away from work. This event has swelled with growth: each year we activate more events and activities. This year’s addition included developing a 12-page children’s activity book comprising of word searches, coloring, a Q&A for parents to complete with their child, connect the dots, GMRENCEN fun facts and more. (word searches, coloring and all) for kids to complete.

Health & Safety Week

Developed to align with General Motors’ Global Safety Day we expanded GMRENCEN Global Health & Safety Week, always the last week in August, to encompass a more holistic lifestyle for building tenants. The week features building tours guided by RenCen Security, navigational tours hosted by GMRENCEN tour guides, yoga classes, financial literacy classes and more. This all culminates in a Health & Safety Week Fair where building tenants are invited to share health and safety tips to everyone who works inside the building.

This programming is styled to remind tenants that the GMRENCEN offers valuable resources for tenants to utilize. Health & Safety Week has grown to encompass all these indicatives, and to a week in length, under our care.

Chevrolet Rockin’ on the Riverfront

Rock on! Chevrolet Rockin’ on the Riverfront is the GMRENCEN’s annual classic rock concert series taking place on the GM Plaza. The concert series runs for six consecutive Fridays in July and August and is already extremely popular with building tenants and visitors.

Because of its popularity, we target rock fans to increase their stay at the GMRENCEN by patronizing our restaurants and stores before or after the concert series.

We’re happy to share more about our strategy and marketing initiatives among clients if you’d like to know more. Email [email protected] for more information.