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Detroit is a place with power and passion, and everyone in this city is driving it towards a powerful comeback. Everything is changing and developing for a better Detroit and the Detroit Free Press is no exception.

As PR professionals, it is our job to change with the media and stay on top of current trends. Our Media Matters series gives our team the opportunity to ask leading members of the news industry questions, and this week we focused on how the industry is moving towards digital.

In September of 2018, Peter Bhatia became the new editor of the Detroit Free Press. As we know, The Detroit Free Press is the largest newsroom in Michigan reaching more than 7 million page views per month.

Bhatia came to the Detroit Free Press from the Cincinnati Enquirer, where he was the editor for two years and also served as the regional editor for the USA TODAY Network’s Ohio Region.

After being in journalism for over 43 years and leading several papers around the United States, Bhatia knows what it takes to have a strong paper and develop strong readership. He says one of the most important factors to achieve a successful paper is to create an atmosphere where his staff of more than 100 reporters can create their best work.

One of his ongoing goals at the Free Press is maintaining excellent journalism while driving digital media and making the two seamless.

We’re happy to report that Detroit inspires Bhatia too. He pointed out that:

    • Detroit is a dream with a bunch of different neighborhoods, industries and sports teams to write about.
    • Detroit is a complex place and wherever you go, you will find someone passionate about the city.
    • Detroit a city of diversity but the opportunities for people are vast. The biggest strength in the city of Detroit it the people. It is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people.

Samantha Meyer is a public relations coordinator at Franco. You can reach her at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @Samantha_Meyerr.