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After rounds and rounds of countless edits, the press release you’ve worked tirelessly to craft is finally finished. You’ve pitched it to every relevant journalist on your media list, got a few publications to pick up your story – but now what? Weeks and sometimes months of hard work can go into writing the perfect press release, so what do you do with your masterpiece after you pitch it to continue telling the story? Here are five ways to get some more life out of your release:

Transform your Press Release into a Video

Video is a great way to recreate your press release and tell the story in a more visual way. Lumen 5 is an easy-to-use tool that can take your words and bring them life. Video is getting more and more love on social media, so showcasing your press release visually will help broaden the reach of your story.

Got Data? Break out your Release into Infographics

Visual representations of press releases are becoming more common and it helps your message reach more people. Infographics are useful graphics that can be shared on social media, websites, blogs and beyond to help people better understand the depth of your communication.

Go Viral with GIFs

GIFs come in all shapes and sizes; some are the kind you share with friends on Facebook but others can grab the attention of your audience. With tools like Canva, you can combine small bits of information to create an animation that you can share online to get more eyes on your message.

Go Live

We live in an era where journalists are covering more beats and may not have a lot of time to get to your story. So, if you have a spokesperson and a story that your audience is passionate about, create a Facebook event for your audience to join you online for a Facebook Live video where you can share your message with the world. Have some talking points ready for your spokesperson to discuss and then open the floor to your audience to ask questions. This is a great way to use technology to get more life out of an announcement.

Pitch Non-Traditional Sources

Of course, getting picked up by the New York Times or the Washington Post is still the dream but don’t discount non-traditional sources like reputable blogs or podcasts to pitch your release. Do your research and find a blog or a podcast that would be the best fit for your press release.

These are just a few suggestions, so how do you get more life out of your press release? Let us know in the comment section.

Adriane Groggins is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Franco. Send her an email at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter at @being_adriane.

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