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One of the beautiful things about public relations is getting to work with clients from many different industries, because as us PR pros know, everyone needs PR! One of the industries we work with is the always-growing, ever-changing and exciting technology field. Whether it’s a long-term client or a project based relationship, we love getting involved in the technology market.

Here are six ways Franco is involved with technology:

1. DataFactZ


DataFactZ is the master of all things data analytics. They have been doing business for 13 years and over that time have mastered data science techniques to provide the best solutions to their 100+ clients. DataFactZ has a partnership with IBM to detect fraud and analyze it in real time, protecting consumers everywhere. Franco was the driving force behind the media relations for that project in addition to providing media relations support for all things DataFactZ. Additionally, Franco manages DataFactZ’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages while also aiding in trade show planning and video production for the company.

2. OBI


Obi, a robotic companion, offers a stress-free dining experience for those who lack upper extremity motor control. This cutting edge technology is the first product from the Michigan based start-up, DESῙN. It allows those without the ability to feed themselves to complete the task with confidence. Franco worked with DESῙN on their world-wide launch, providing large-scale media relations efforts and securing spots in high-profile media. A part of that launch was developing media materials and a Multivu PR Newswire page that generated hits with news outlets around the world.

3. Materialise

materilise tech

3D printing is all of the rage right now and Materialise is right in the middle of it all! Materialise is hard at work manufacturing prototypes and creating software leading to innovations in biomedical research. At Franco, we support their North American business unit with media relations, trade show communications and expanding their presence in North America.

4. FourPlay Football


Do you love football but don’t have time to manage a fantasy team? FourPlay Football is the perfect alternative. Instead of switching out individual players each week, with FourPlay, all you have to do is go into the app and pick four teams that you believe will win each week. It’s that simple. Franco did media relations for the launch of the app. You can find stories about FourPlay in many local and national publications. Next football season, skip fantasy and give FourPlay football a try.

5. ITC Holdings Corp.


Without electricity, none of these tech operations could take place. That’s where ITC comes in. ITC is the largest independent electricity transmission company in the country. Their goals are to give more electricity access to markets and improve reliability while lowering the costs of energy. Franco supports ITC’s communications efforts across the board from social media and website support, to internal communications and media relations efforts.

6. GMRENCEN Wayfinder App


The big, beautiful GMRENCEN is the tallest building in Michigan standing 73 stories tall. With all that space you can imagine that it can be difficult to find your way around at times. Enter the GMRENCEN Wayfinder app! This handy app makes navigating around the massive building a breeze and it’s the first building of its kind to launch such an app. Franco helped launch the app by conducting media relations, getting in touch with local media and spreading the word. Our media outreach helped increase app downloads by more than 180 percent.

Do you have any cool ties to the tech industry? Let us know in the comment section.

Rachel Burnard is an assistant account executive at Franco. You can reach her at (313) 567-5034 or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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