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As public relations professionals, we always act in the best interest of our clients. This includes being tasked with breaking the unfortunate news that the latest announcement may not actually be press release worthy.   

Distributing a press release doesn’t guarantee coverage, but to cut through the noise to grab a reporter’s attention, the content you’re sending them must be newsworthy. So how do you know if it is?  

At Franco, when working with a client, we answer this by first asking a few questions:

  • Is the news timely?
  • Is the topic unique?
  • Is this the first time the public has heard about this news?
  • Is it groundbreaking and will it shake up or positively impact the market?
  • Is the news part of a bigger story, or does it deliver previously unknown information?
  • Is it part of a bigger trend, or does it apply to a wave of breaking news coverage?
  • Does it offer a new perspective or approach to thinking about existing information?
  • Is the information relevant to the region or market it’s being placed in?
  • Does the product or solution apply to the broader North American market?