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Taking the lead from General Motor’s Global Safety Day, Franco works with CBRE to make Health & Safety Week at the GMRENCEN more inclusive for building tenants by expanding the weeklong programming to include health and safety measures and practices.

Franco worked with CBRE to develop and execute week-long safety programming and communicate all happenings with building tenants. Franco coordinated an 1,100-person Health & Safety Week fair where building tenants shared healthy and safe practices with other employees and created a Safety HQ, a space open throughout the week where building employees could learn about building safety procedures and discuss any questions they had with Ren Cen security officers. Outside of the Fair, Franco coordinated activities including American Red Cross CPR & AED classes, financial literacy classes, meditation workshops, podium safety tours, rooftop yoga classes and live music entertainment.

Franco was responsible for marketing the event internally to GMRENCEN employees. Franco promoted the week’s happenings in the building’s weekly e-newsletter and developed memos for tenants. Franco also designed all of the signage for the Health & Safety Week Fair, Safety HQ as well as custom signage for individual tenants and digital signage for television screens located throughout the building. Additionally, Franco scripted, shot and edited parking safety videos for five GMRENCEN parking structures to inform building employees about proper use of the area parking garages.

Franco organized feedback surveys and received twice as many participation vouchers as the previous year. Eighty percent of survey respondents said they are “extremely likely” to participate in the event next year and 84 percent said they were “very satisfied” with Health & Safety Week, a huge testament to the program management led by Franco.