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Public relations is one of the few professions in which the practitioner’s personal and professional lives can clearly intersect for the betterment of all. Andrea Kenski and I blend the two every day as the Franco team that proudly supports Hospice of Michigan (HOM) and Arbor Hospice. Our personal experiences learned at loved ones’ bedsides, at end-of-life, gives us insight into hospice, palliative care and grief support that helps us add true compassion to our communications.

With brain cancer and a poor prognosis following a year of extensive treatment, hospice was the answer when my dad’s options ran out. Enter Hospice of Michigan to make the most of his final six weeks, freeing my family and me to form happy memories we still cherish.

Several years later, as curative treatment evaporated for my mom’s significant health issues, palliative care and hospice once again delivered comfort and relief at a very difficult time.

Andrea experienced the highs and lows of caregiving as she helped her father through every step of his battle with acute myeloid leukemia. As his primary caregiver, she understands firsthand the tremendous juggling it takes to meet a loved one’s needs at end-of-life in the midst of other obligations.

These life experiences inform our recommendations and inspire the messaging and materials we develop for HOM and Arbor. They guide the interviews and format the testimonials we draft with families who’ve navigated the same emotional waters we have. They infuse a heartfelt quality into our communications about one of life’s toughest journeys.

Andrea and I take great pride in advancing the nonprofit mission Hospice of Michigan and Arbor share and, in the process, even greater delight in knowing our work helps patients and families across the state find care and comfort at end-of-life that we all deserve.

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Pat Adanti-Joy, APR, was a vice president and Andrea Kenski is an account manager.

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