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A crushing day in PR

When I kicked off this series, I had compiled quite a list of wild and wacky PR experiences.  Well, they just keep coming.  This episode?  MONSTER TRUCKS.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. In her previous role at an auto supplier, Franco’s Tina Kozak brought Monster Jam to the office – literally.

“When I worked in corporate communications, our CEO wanted to do something fun to get the executives pumped up before an internal meeting. He had a few ideas. One included skydiving, but our insurance department nixed that. So instead, he decided he wanted to hire a monster truck and produce a video that showed us ‘crushing’ the competition. We tracked down Avenger, one of the popular trucks on the Monster Truck circuit, and had our logo painted in flames on the body of the truck. We rented the parking lot at the old Novi Expo Center (EMTs on standby and all), bought a bunch of old cars from a junkyard (representing competing auto suppliers) and our CEO fulfilled his wish of crushing the competition. And now I have a contact in the Monster Truck world. It was a blast, an unforgettable project!”

–Tina Kozak

The company monster truck prepares to “crush the competition.”

What unusual experiences have you had in your career? Can you top Tina’s? Share them in our comments section.

Joe Ferlito is an Account Director and Director of Operations at Franco.


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