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As the agency of record for the GM Renaissance Center, Franco led communication with tenants and building guests following General Motors’ announcement of a large-scale renovation project to the GM Showroom at the core of the GMRENCEN. The project made building navigation more challenging, impeded accessibility to the Food Court and other building routes, and was often loud and disruptive. Franco worked with property manager CBRE to enhance GM’s messaging while also helping tenants maintained steady business and keeping the 14,000 daily visitors informed.

Franco served as project managers for the building throughout the construction, helping manage communication between GM, CBRE, project vendors and tenants. Franco helped brand the project “Innovation at Work” including logo design, website landing page launch, as well as building digital promotion and e-newsletter graphics. Innovation at Work updates were provided through all GMRENCEN social media channels as well as the and e-newsletter.

To address navigational challenges within the building, Franco created wayfinding tools including large barricade graphics to showcase GM World renderings and timelines. Franco also updated the building’s kiosk and website maps, and programmed the GMRENCEN’s Wayfinder App to include alternative routes.

Several major events took place in and around the GMRENCEN during the construction period. Franco leveraged these opportunities by promoting the Wayfinding tools during high traffic times including the North American International Auto Show and Youmacon while also communicating with community partners like COBO Center and Detroit Experience Factory.

Franco worked with CBRE to creatively address some of the construction challenges. We hosted a #GMRENCENEATS social media challenge to encourage patronage to the Food Court despite the difficult access, promoted GMRENCEN On the Plaza activities of free music and additional outdoor seating, engaged with building tenant RenCen Fitness to create Rooftop Yoga classes, communicated building activities like the Holiday Headquarters shopping event and visits with Santa, and developed new activities – instead of visiting the GM Showroom – during Bring Your Child To Work Day which welcomed more than 500 children.

Following the completion of the project, Franco transitioned the Innovation at Work web page to upon construction completion.