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As part of ongoing recognition for military veterans, branded “Men and Women of Steel,” the Steel Market Development Institute partnered with Atlanta Motor Speedway during the Folds of Honor Quik Trip 500 for a social media ambassador campaign and photo contest. SMDI partnered with MSB New Media, a network of military men, women and their spouses, for a social media influencer campaign to further promote steel’s strength and reliability from the race track to the battlefield.

Four military families from the social media influencer group were invited to join SMDI during race weekend and share their experience on their blogs. Additionally, a photo contest was held with support from the blogger network promoting military families to post photos of their military heroes on Facebook and Twitter using #StrongLikeSteel.

Four bloggers attended the Folds of Honor Quick Trip weekend, resulting in live Facebook and Twitter posts, as well as four post-event blog posts that were also shared on the Atlanta Motor Speedway Facebook page. Beyond the blogs, 15 additional social media influencers participated in the #StrongLikeSteel campaign, which generated 30 boosted Facebook posts and 90 tweets.

In total, the social media influencer campaign posts earned 738 likes and 461 clicks on Facebook and 381 tweets. More than 30 compelling photos were shared as part of the contest and SMDI earned 77 new followers for its social networks.