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I’m really proud that we’ve built a culture at Franco where promotions are truly earned and aren’t so structured that they only occur during reviews. While we certainly use our mid and year-end reviews as a time to evaluate whether team members are ready to move up, we promote people when they’ve proved they’re ready to elevate. This typically means the team member has been living in the next role and proving they’re more than capable of taking the next step in their career journey at Franco.

Two Franconians have stepped up immensely in the past several months, earning them well-deserved promotions from Integrated Communications Specialist to Senior Integrated Communications Specialist.

Joelle Kruczek has been with Franco since June 2019 and works with a variety of Franco’s consumer and nonprofit clients. Joelle is truly the picture of many Franco core values, particularly Persistence. She cares deeply about her work and the relationships she builds with colleagues, clients and media. Since Joining Franco, Joelle has evolved into a stellar integrated communicator. She frequently mentors interns and new team members.

Tracy Wolf has been with Franco since September 2018, when she started as an intern. Tracy embodies our core values of Forward Motion and Opportunity. She supports several nonprofit and consumer clients, using her storytelling and media relations expertise to make a difference in our community. Like Joelle, Tracy frequently mentors interns and new members, and she oversees Franco’s student relations program.

It’s been an exciting year of promotions and new team members joining Franco, and the year isn’t over yet! To learn more about becoming part of the team, visit our Join the Team page.

Tina Benvenuti Sullivan is president and COO at Franco. Connect with her on LinkedIn.