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Following a successful Hush Reel social media contest, Emagine Entertainment retained Franco for a six-month project to optimize the entertainment company’s social media and digital advertising efforts.

When Emagine engaged Franco, its digital advertising efforts had very low results and high cost. Franco evaluated the campaigns, tested multiple ad formats and honed the target audiences while continually refining based on actionable insights. After evaluating content effectiveness, Franco improved relevance rates, expanded reach and increased engagement.

To add to the digital advertising campaign’s effectiveness, Franco helped Emagine track its online sales to help analyze which tactics were driving sales. While we were at it, we helped Emagine collect demographic data on their customers, which helped us to enhance our strategies and refine our ad targeting, while optimizing the user experience and making the ticket purchasing process easier for customers.

Franco also helped Emagine with social media community management and evaluated ideas to improve the user experience on the Emagine website. We created a social media strategy focusing on three platform’s individual audiences, developed targeted and platform-appropriate content and created a robust engagement strategy to keep followers watching our posts.

The digital advertising campaign had exemplary results and cost effectiveness. Franco’s expertise helped Emagine decrease its Cost Per Results (CPR) by more than $0.14 per click, increase clicks by 3,000 clicks per month, increase its Click Through Rate (CTR) by 9.5 percent and increase year-over-year web traffic by 12.6 percent all while using the same budget as the legacy digital advertising efforts.

To add butter to the popcorn, our social content strategy increased Emagine’s social media followers by almost 16 percent and engagement by 25 percent over the six month project.